closed down


only temporarily for the holidays of course. see you all on the other side and thanks for all your friendly support of my little site. i sincerely appreciate that!

this is the door of a flower shop at prenzlauer allee, berlin.


    1. thanks a bunch! i like reading that a lot. just a pity that it did not really work out with the great summer at least weatherwise…
      just out of curiosity – has your gravatar picture been shot at the olympus photography playground in berlin?

      1. Sorry for writing so late, didn’t know that you replied back, just found it now… yes my son shot the pic at ,of course of the Olympus Playground. Need to have one of These cameras…, my pics just made simple with the digicamera… but yeah the stories are more im Vordergrund… have a nice evaning and a great summer!

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