post no bills

stick no bills

always funny: stickers that say not to stick stickers. this time in front of the old tower of the gedächtniskirche in berlin charlottenburg.

fun fact: this sticker leaves out the grammatical object so it basically says ‘don’t stick’.


      1. I was waiting for something at the Western Union office… was the year before the Wall came down. There wasn’t a Benetton store there then, just drug addicts who had been kicked out of the Zoo. I was Bohemian artist living abroad! Other than making lots of paintings, I drank til dawn every night in Kruetzberg where I found an apartment. My favorite dance club was the Basement. (Now I’m all grown up…)

      2. that sounds quite enjoyable ;)
        i started visiting berlin regularly in that year and then moved here a few years later… the western union office is indeed still at the zoo.

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