on being watched

on being watched

another one from the photography playground making a stop here in berlin. this time shot with my own e-p5 because that helped me to bypass the queue waiting for another rental of the e-m10. the work shown here is by alexandliane and is called the assembly. it is somehow interactive because you can only see the eyes of the others when you use the flash. plus there were wigs to use and to put yourself or rather your company among the others (i was on my own). the installation was actually very colourful but to be honest… i didn’t really like the colours.


  1. I remember I was really impressed by last year’s Playground (or rather by your photos of it.) So I decided to give it a try myself this year and… was rather disappointed. It was like a huge Playground, but for taking selfies. Can you compare this year’s one with the one from 2013?:)
    Also – your posts don’t appear in my reader (and now I’m too lazy to like all of them hehe). Why?

    1. Hi Misia, I was rather disappointed myself. I found it much more interesting last year but that was probably also because of the surroundings that seemed to have been in a more ‘original’ state than this year. Nevertheless I’m still a big fan of the idea of the event and I hope it’s getting better again next year ;)
      Was mit dem Reader los ist, weiß ich auch nicht, das klingt ja doof. Ich mache nichts anders als sonst…

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