hailu mergia

hailu mergia [urban spree]

i took this photograph of ethiopian composer and piano player Hailu Mergia at a concert at Urban Spree last monday. i really like this picture a lot, though it has its share of compositional flaws. if you are interested in more pictures from this very concert and maybe a short review of it i recommend a quick stop over at fellow wordpress blog itsonlymusicbutlive.  i started contributing photos from and texts about concerts in berlin recently. while i’m at it you could of course also follow this cncrt pctrs link to see some more of my concert pictures.


  1. Very evocative, soulful image as another visitor has said. I don’t have any problems with the composition, and even if there are some, maybe that’s a strength in a portrait where depth of character is paramount, not the photographer’s technical control.

    1. thanks a lot! you are right of course that the technical control is often of minor interest in the picture but it could maybe have been the icing on the cake ;)
      i’m quite happy with this picture in any case.

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