deflector shield quite operational

deflector shields

the dc1 tower in vienna. shot from the sunken city across the donau river. this is the very same tower that also featured in this post. i was really happy to have the tiny lumix 12-32mm at hand here but then i took the shot at 20mm anyway…


  1. Awesome! Its not often I say something is awesome but I think this photograph is brilliant. I hope you had a big grin when you put it up on your computer for the first time! It really is a great shot delivered beautifully in B&W. I’m not sure my words do it justice but Its one I’ll be coming back to:-) Thanks for sharing, Best wishes, Mr Cafe

      1. It is a brilliant shot and I went to it again today!
        I think its the sort of shot that could also have commercial value. If not commercial value I reckon it could win you some photo gear in the right competition(s)!
        Its a great feeling when you know you’ve just nailed a good shot. Even better when you consider all the factors that came together to make a unique photo.. A moment perfectly captured :-)

      2. thank you for your encouragement, nigel. i’ll keep an eye open for a participation in some competition.
        i was really in a kind of adrenaline rush when taking this since it was really really really windy that day and there were quite some clouds in my back trying to steal the sun away…

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