tribute to a bus

busi’ve heard today that saul leiter has died on tuesday. i’m a bit sad. i watched in no great hurry today for the second time. a great documentary film on saul leiter that i can absolutely recommend.



  1. WordPress recommended your blog on my admin page, so hère I am. I love Saul Leiter’s work, one of the masters and I didn’t know of the documentary. Thanks and happy hunting.

    1. hi henrietta, thanks for stopping by. so wordpress’s recommendation features seems to work properly ;)
      saul leiter is a great source of inspiration for me and and i find his work exceptional. the movie shows that he had a lot of humour and he seems like a very friendly person.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I have looked at the trailer… very interesting and a photographer I did not know about. Thank you.

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