yellow curtain

yellow curtain

a truck from above. shot in moabit, berlin.


    1. not really, but i’m still arguing with it about the image stabilisation… i think there might be an issue with it with certain focal lengths and certain shutter speeds (i tracked that down to speeds between about a 1/100th and 1/250th).
      but this was just an older shot that i wanted to share. still sifting through the (all e-p5) gdansk pictures… i think i took too many… ;)

    1. thanks a lot! i think that’s an important part of why i liked that picture. the scale is not really clear. (it’s of course a bit clearer when you know the typical shape of the manhole covers in germany, though)

  1. I love this one. I had the same thing with the scale. Nice to suddenly go: “oh!”.

    I was walking home taking photos one day last week and every time I saw something yellow I thought:

    Peter-lostfunzone. Seems you and yellow have become synonymous in my mind. :)

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