above us only sky

above usand the occasional cloud, of course.

shot with my new e-p5 (yup…) and the lumix 20mm. a kind of review will probably follow. but i can already say that the e-p5 trumps the e-pl1 in every regard. the only exception (and this is kind of a bummer of course) seems to be image quality at base iso. i’m still working out the parameters but i don’t have the same warm feeling yet when going through the e-p5 images that i have when flipping through the e-pl1 pictures. i hope to find the sweet spot soon.  the display of the e-p5 while super dooper resolution-wise and touchy as it gets sports a kind of unhealthy greenish tint but i hope i can get used to it (it’s not too bad). other than that the e-p5 is a very good looking, very responsive and tremendously usable piece of gear. after a week of owning it and enjoying the two dials on the e-p5 i bareley remember how to change aperture or exposure on the e-pl1.


  1. I will look forward to your “kind of review” ;-) Did you wait for the EP5 rather than go OMD EM5? If you did I’d be interested to hear (in your review) how in your view the EP5 stacks up against the EM5 and what moved you to the EP5. Have you got the the new EVF for your EP5? Is the greenish tint a known property of the screen on the EP5 or do you think it might be a fault? There is no need to answer these questions immediately – I’m quite happy to wait for your review but thought I’d ask and maybe the answers can be incorporated into your review. I have the EPL5 and it’s just a great little camera that is now with me most of the time! It feels quite intuitive and is a lot of fun to take out. In fact it’s probably one of my favourite cameras. The image quality is great and it all seems pretty well thought out. I hope you enjoy your EP5 as much as your EPL1. Happy shooting, :-)

  2. What a great composition, love it! I hope you are enjoying your ep5! I’m new to 4/3s, just bought a e-pm2 and started to play with it…it seem like we will become good friends.

    1. thank you, ana! and in fact i do enjoy my ep5 but i have some minor issues with it i am still working on. (e.g. image stabilisation seemingly doing strange things with shutter speeds between 1/80 and 1/250)
      greetings to your new friend ;) i like the e-pm2, too.

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