scratch the surface

scratch the surfaceit’s a dilemma somehow. all portrait oriented pictures look good (that is in my eyes of course) in the blog post itself but suffer big time in the wordpress reader shrinking process (that is the desktop reader of course, the mobile reader does not really bother and just shows a landscape oriented crop of the original picture which apparently must be a joke by the app programmers that i don’t fully get).

the landscape oriented shots on the other hand are really nice in all the readers but are as far as i’m concerned too small on the actual blog post (at least with my current wordpress theme that i otherwise prefer for its simplicity).

since most of the people coming over here are not really coming over here but using the reader to get the most out of their wordpress (i am guilty of this myself), portrait oriented pictures tend to get a bit less attention than they (again in my eyes) deserve.

so this is nevertheless a portrait oriented shot once more and its title is a reference to the sick of it all love ballad of the same name… (oh, it’s not a love ballad? sorry for the mix-up then ;))


  1. Nice shot. I agree with your comments about the wordpress reader. Finding a good theme for photographs is not easy. I use different themes on my two blogs. Postcards Cafe is not a million miles from the theme you use but suffers when looking at the archive. My Little Bits of Sheffield blog has nice archives when searching for stuff with decent sized thumbnails. Both themes suffer from poor portraits in the reader. I still think wordpress offers a better experience than other blogging sites. I think whichever theme or blog site we use there will always be a trade off but I hope wordpress can sort the portrait display in reader. That’s all for now. Mosh, mosh, mosh….

    1. thanks a lot for you comment. i know there are tradeoffs and i’ve checked some other themes but none of them worked in my opinion. maybe it’s time to shell out the 20$ (or whatever) and customize the theme as i like. that would of course not solve the reader issue.
      mosh on! ;)

  2. I always enter the blog to view the photos. So no problem here! After all, I really think that choosing who to follow should not be done from the reader, but actually going through the blog of the individual.

  3. Yes, portrait shots are tough to get into the space provided and I do shoot about 33% of my pictures with this orientation. But we all have to play the hand we are dealt…

  4. Same limitations on the theme, Chaotic Soul or something, I use on WP also due to the width of the theme. I had to experiment a bit on the landscape photographs as the auto compression did a number of how it looked on the blog. I ended up exporting all images at 700px and have stayed with that since. Ironically, opposite of your situation, portraits are fine.

    1. hi steven, thanks for your comment! i’ve tried several themes and none really worked for me and the auto compression is really bad on some of the themes. i have the impression, that my theme does not compress that much now but i am not sure why. but otherwise i’m quite happy with my theme because it’s so simple.

  5. I agree with Vassilis. I always visit the blog and never use the reader, so I always get the full photo.

    Love the bands of colour here with the seemingly random slashes of rust.

    1. i like to hear that some people really do come over here. thanks a lot!
      i guess the slashes on the container are in fact random (but of course the detail is carefully selected ;))

  6. I agree with you, Peter. On my mobile the landscape shots aren’t cropped, but tiny. I also don’t like how from the reader it’s not possible to tell if the post has just one image or a series.
    I usually visit the sites themselves except for when I’m in catch up mode.

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