handbagsafter (very) little research i found out that this sculpture by berlin-based artist joachim schmettau had been away for restoration (and if you have a look at the wikipedia page linked above you can see why this was good idea) and those were the days when it was put back into its place at altonaer strasse, berlin tiergarten. it’s descriptively adequately called hand mit uhr and was made in 1975.


  1. I do like your shot and B&W works perfectly. However, I may be alone on this but I actually like the vandalised version that you linked to on wikipedia. There is something very sanitised about the restored version. Like a new pair of shoes that look a little too polished out of the box and look a whole lot better when they’ve been worn in a bit! I do like that you have captured this sculpture at a very unique moment in time. The plastic wraps look wrong in so many ways but also make the shot! Brilliant! Keep up the good work :-)

    1. i like the shoe comparison very much ;) and i think you do have a point here, ‘sanitized’ doesn’t sound too good… thanks for the nice words about the shot!

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