photography playground

maybe you have already heard of the olympus-sponsored om-d photography playground that takes place in berlin this month and features a lot of interesting artists in the interesting surroundings of the spacious ex-opernwerkstätten in berlin mitte.

since the entry is free and one can borrow an om-d in exchange for the hard currency of personal data, i gave it a try.

it’s a really nice exhibition and i can definitely recommend visiting it but i was a little more interested in the building itself and took the liberty of taking some shots a bit off the beaten track (most probably intended by the clever marketing people of olympus anyway).

i think olympus was quite bold to feature the not too bright m.zuiko 12-50mm on the om-d in this exhibition context because the lighting was not too good indoors and the camera was almost constantly at iso1600 and even above, but in the end it really worked out quite well. what i liked about the 12-50mm is definitely the 12mm… and the near-macro capabilities are a lot of fun. but in general it seems to be a bit on the softer side and it is a bit too long (physically) to qualify.

after returning the camera i (and everybody else) could keep the memory card so i can feature some of the pictures here…

the exhibition can be found at zinnowitzer straße 9 and is open daily from 11:00 to 19:00 until 24 may 2013.


  1. Nice set of shots! How was the OM-D? I’ve noted your comments about the lens and as with most kit lenses we may not expect optimum performance. I like what I’ve seen of the OM-D and wondered how you found working with it. Did you like the viewfinder? I’m interested in the OM-D and am just interested to hear a bit more about your experience. It sounds like a great bit of marketing by Olympus whether on or off the beaten track. Best wishes, N :-)

    1. you are of course right with the kit-lens. that’s why i considered it a bit ‘bold’ by olympus to feature that lens for indoor shooting. the om-d itself is a very nice camera and i’m on the verge of getting one for almost a year now. but i still think it’s a bit too pricey for me (and hey, now it’s already last year’s technology ;))
      the viewfinder is excellent and the autofocus speed is remarkable. (but coming from the e-pl1 i’m not hard to impress in this regard …) i like that it has a touchscreen interface and the tiltable screen is quite helpful. the two wheels for adjusting aperture or shutter speed respectively is a feature i really learned to appreciate. it really speeds up the shooting workflow. on the other hand most of my subjects are quite (if not totally) static so time is not an issue usually. but of course if i knew the camera would enable me to do some fast shooting stuff (which the e-pl1 does not) maybe i would go for some different subjects sometimes. and i guess the om-d would deliver in that department. i had the sony a99 for two weeks to do a review last month and i found myself doing different stuff than usual with it, simply because the camera supported that style better. the fast autofocus really makes a difference.
      if you have some special questions regarding the om-d just post them here or send me a message via the contact form on the ‘about’ page and i’ll do my best to answer them of course.
      best wishes, p.

      1. Thank you for your detailed reply. It sounds like you enjoyed using the OM-D and I like your comment about speeding up the shooting workflow. The OM-D has great reviews generally but it’s nice to hear how you got on. I may get back to you if I move closer to getting one! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Best wishes, N

  2. I’m quite surprised with the quality of these pictures considering that you took them with the kit lens! Cool stuff! And thanks for the heads up with regards to the exhibition. I’ll head over there for sure and try out the om-d. Looks like a really interesting building.

    And immediately I thought: Hey, one day we should go shooting together. Would be interesting to compare pictures from the same places.

    1. i took some of them with the 20mm and the 25mm as well… so don’t be too surprised ;)
      and shooting together sounds like a fun idea. i’ve never done this before but i guess it could work. maybe in summer? vielleicht im wedding?

  3. Sounds like a fun promotional idea from Olympus. I’ll look out for something similar from camera makers in Japan.

    Nice collection of images by the way.

    1. thanks for the compliment! indeed it is a very good promotional idea from olympus. i’m sure something similar will be seen more often in the future (and probably also in japan ;))

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