amazing! clever!!

amazing! clever!AND linguistic!!! that makes three of my favourite adjectives (yes, participial adjectives do count, too). of course it’s rather the properties they denote than the words themselves. they are not even close to something like cellar door ;) unfortunately i hadn’t had the time to visit this exhibition when in wien but at least it was (more than) enough time to get this picture. i love how the shallow dof throws the tree in the foreground completely out of conscious perception.


  1. Great shot. The shallow DOF works for me and the tree is thrown out as you say. So often a shallow dof is used to simply throw the background out and as well as enjoying your shot I’ve learned a little too – Cheers ;-)

    1. hey thanks a lot! that’s good to read. indeed one good out of focus foreground is worth ten mediocre out of focus backgrounds (but then again so is one good out of focus background) ;)

      1. …with a shout-out to donnie darko i guess :) there are other words that are amazing though, like ‘incandescent’. it glows in every sense.

  2. Apart from the words in the foreground: I like the somewhat spring-winter contrast in the background with the snow and the marquise. Makes me think of the weather in Berlin some weeks ago ;-).

    1. yep, the marquise is definitely one of the ingredients of the cake under the icing.
      that was the weather here in berlin? i cannot even imagine that today…;)
      thanks for stopping by again.

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