closing time

closing timeshot in wien. seems like an eternity ago. (it’s just three weeks!)


  1. Nic Roeg said Don’t Look Now in red but orange works well too! Very cinematic (or is that just me thinking of Nic Roegs film?) The time on the clock is no doubt the key to it all or are all the clocks set to the same time? Whatever! It is a great capture. Lots going on but the neutral colours as a backdrop to the day-glow figure work so well! Great stuff :-)

    1. woah, cool. thanks for the pointer to “don’t look now”. i already thought i knew that hoodie! ;)
      i’m tempted to rename the post now…
      thanks again!

      1. that’s interesting and probably good thinking. i somehow separate composition and colour. when i think the picture would work in black and white i’m quite sure it is a good composition. i’m not so sure of this picture, though. but you are of course right that the colour has to be composed, too (or rather composes itself in my shooting style and i just have to notice ;)).

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