don’t you dare

don't you dareto hula here…

interestingly shot on the dutch island of texel that is not very well known for its underground hula hoop scene – but then again, maybe too underground for me.


  1. When it was legal in Texel you could hardly walk down the high street without having to dodge hula hoops. They made it illegal in 1997 and forced the “hoopers” off the streets. Some people tried to get round the legislation with hula-squares but the hardcore purist hoopers only use round. You are right, It’s a big underground scene. Hoops can only be bought on the black market which is controlled by hula gangs. They control imports and sales are made through their dealers. They draw young people in with fancy baton twirling and it’s only a matter of time before they move onto more hard core hooping. It’s a close community with activists often taking direct action to cover up the “No Hula” signs with the campaign to legalize hooping stickers that you have uncovered. You’ve got a great shot that only hints at the politics and strength of feeling about hula hooping in Texel. A picture can say so much with so little information. Cheers ;-)

  2. Over here that sign would need a big red diagonal line through it for it to read ‘no hula hoops’.
    No hula hoops? That’s just weird to me. Do they have ‘no smiling’ signs too?
    Anyway, it’s a very cool shot and the sign itself is so cute. Over here it would mean ‘be careful not to run down hula hoopers with your car, please’. We have ones like that with a person with a walking stick and a child.

    1. over here every (round) sign with a red edge is most likely a prohibitive sign. we do have the ones with diagonal lines, too. it’s not really clear to me, when you have the line and when you don’t. it seems that in traffic signs the line is usually not used and in non-traffic signs the version with the line is prevalent. so a non-smoking sign would have one and a no-bikes sign wouldn’t have it.

    2. the sign with the person with the walking stick and a child would have to be triangle-shaped here to be a warning for drivers. if it was round it would mean that persons with walking sticks and children should stay away ;)

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