one seagull does not make a summer

but a nice winter weekend…*  [this post contains a few more pictures than one]

i took out the seagull tlr last weekend for my second roll of middle-format film and this time i was more prepared than the first time.

i used a tripod for example.

my poor tripod wasn’t really up to the task carrying the quite heavy seagull but it did an amazingly good job eventually. so i now can confirm, i can get sharp pictures from this camera and i’m just incapable of doing this handheld obviously.

i try to meter with my trusty olympus e-pl1 and use it for the making-of pictures of course.

jeff barnes

jeff barnes (still a bit underexposed)

jeff barnes (making of)

jeff barnes (making of)

i have also improved on my digitizing process, but there is still a bit of headroom left in the complete workflow i guess. i got an acrylic plate, put the negatives on them and fired a flash from behind the plate. the result looked a lot like this:


i then inverted these shots, cropped the individual negatives and converted them to (filtered) black and white in lightroom.

here are some more pictures from my second roll.

pyramide von unten

the poor manfred...

the poor manfred…

seagull under pyramid

as you can see i’m still unsure regarding the relation of what i see in the viewfinder and where it turns out on the negative. i’d say i put the pyramid right into the middle of it but the negative says otherwise.

chrysler classic

chrysler classic

cc (making of)

cc (making of)

and finally a shot of the climbing frame that i did not manage to get focussed properly the first time.

sharp playgroundand now i have a kodak portra 400 film in my pocket and i’ll see what i can do with it…

and as you can see, there are still eight pictures left of this roll to be shown, e.g. a lovely (but accidental) multiexposure.

*for the ornithologists and idiomaticists: i can tell a seagull from a swallow… ;)


    1. thank you! i like that picture of course, too and probably you are right and the exposure is just fine as it is.

      regarding the pigeons: my seagull is actually very shy and i don’t think it is going to terrorise anybody. but then again it is on a leash of course…

  1. Parallax in TLR or rangefinders will do that. Although I don’t understand why you are shooting sideways with it. Since the two lenses are in veritcal line aligning the pyramid should not be a problem on the up-down axis.

    But as Richard Guest said it may have given it more interest than if dead centre.

    1. hi warren, i’m sure you’re right. i’ve come accross the parallax effect but just forgot that this is the most probable reason.
      i shot sideways because the pyramid was above my head ;)
      thanks for taking the time to comment and for the likes!

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