five legs on ice

skating awaythe frozen rummelsburger bucht. this was last saturday. today we have quite comfortable 12°C here. is winter done already?


      1. It was an amazing system of exposure and development that Ansel Adam developed, which allowed photographers to place the light values of a scene exactly where he or she wanted them for the final image. In a sense, it did for film what HDR does for digital, and is actually very useful for understanding the basis of photographic exposure.

      2. thanks, ag, for the explanation. i’ve looked it up in the meantime and at least i understand your comment now ;) but i guess i have a lot to learn regarding a lot of basics…

  1. P.S. re the Zone system: A photographer using it could have successfully recorded detail in both the highlight areas of the ice, and in the deep black shadows of the buildings and walking figures. Showing the upper torsos, of course, would have totally destroyed what makes this image so wonderful.

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