paint it black

working in the dark

painter in the dark

a little unusual entry for the window series: painting the walls in the small hours of the night (not really, but i’m really fond of that expression ;)).

shot with the om zuiko 100mm and processed with a little bit of silver efex.


    1. maybe i should stop trying to make puns… but i can’t. sorry for that. but thanks a lot for the groove thing. i’m really glad you like my stuff. but please tell me, what does MUTEF stand for? my google skills are obviously not up to the task ;)

      1. Hi, MUTEF stands for the phrase that I borrowed from another wordpress blogger and gave to two of my blog posts. It was something he got in a spam email and I just really liked it. Maintain Up The Excellent Function. I”m assuming it was meant to be something like keep up the good work but I think it mutated through a computer translation or similar. If I sign off MUTEF take it as a good thing :-) I’m sorry if it came across a bit cryptic. That was not my intention. Have a great weekend. Best wishes, N

    1. yes, very good thinking of course… ;) i think i rather should have named it painting it black. (or i should have sticked with the first title painter in the dark)

    1. oh richard, i so hoped nobody would notice (or at least not mention) the voyeuristic aspect ;)
      i have to admit, i felt a bit guilty when taking the shot, but i don’t regret it ;)

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