baker man is baking bread

but not on sundays…

seen last summer in rovereto, italy. shot with the mighty lumix 14mm.


    1. thank you! of course the shadow was what caught my attention and i was quite sure i’d do a black and white version with heavy contrasts. but then at home i started to notice the very nice colours in it.

  1. Nice shot. I saw the title of your post and have no idea if it was a nod to the Laidback song from the 80s (I think it was 80s?). Anyway it’s a great song and I had forgotten just how good the video is… If you haven’t seen it then do check it out here (you’ll not be disappointed)… The baker man is baking bread… Best wishes, N.

    1. your intuition is of course absolutely correct and it is indeed a reference to that song. i am quite surprised though that it was recorded in 1989. i was quite sure that this had to be from the early 80s ;)
      thanks for the video link. i’ve never seen it before. wikipedia says it was directed by lars von trier!

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