at the crossroads


sign post in front of the new waldorf astoria hotel at berlin zoologischer garten. please note, that the museum für fotografie is just around the corner.  berlin does almost look like one of the big guys here, doesn’t it?

there is a street yogi hidden in the picture. can you find him? (level: easy)


  1. Just reading that sign makes me want to be back in Berlin, maybe 100cm from Europa Center. My only regret is that Nefertiti moved from that amazing old building in Charlottenburg.

  2. There are just too many great museums in Berlin, plus the zoo. Museum Island alone would take me about four days to get through, especially after I spend hours staring at Nefertiti. ;o)

  3. Although Sydney is no longer the near-cultural-wilderness that is was when I was dragged here in 1974, that signpost makes me want to run away to Berlin!

    Can’t find the ‘street yogi’ though….

    1. yes, there’s an awful lot of culture going on here… ;)

      would it have helped if i’d described the street yogi as a small figure made from cork and wire that does yoga on sign posts? most probably yes. i apologize for the confusion. these are quite common in berlin these days.

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