tegel dancing

these were taken a while ago at airport berlin-tegel while waiting for the plane to arrive. i took those handheld with the panasonic lx-3 and i doubt that i could do this with my  e-pl1, due to the only so-so-effectiveness of the stabilizer. (but i sincerely hope i’ll be able to do it with the e-pl5 or its successor some day ;))


  1. You know how how when some acts are repeated in one place over and over, the energy of people who did it still lingers, like ghosts? :-P I don’t really know your idea behind this, but personally, I think it would be cooler with a colored element on every pic :-)

    1. i think the possibility of capturing the auratic impressions people leave when moving through space and time is one of the great features of photography.
      you are right of course that as a series it would absolutely make sense to have a colour element in each of the pictures. but actually the first one is the exception and not the other two ;)
      thanks a lot you for taking the time to comment on this.

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