.documenting .documenta

today was the last day of the documenta 13. documenta is the largest exhibition of contemporary art of the world taking place every five years in the city of kassel. and it is literally taking place all over kassel which is kind of fun. of course there are museums participating but there is a huge park in the center of kassel (karlsaue) that is packed with interesting stuff and empty or abandoned buildings that serve as a gallery or are just in itself a big project (hugenottenhaus).

of course we only managed to see a small part of all the exhibits but it was great fun and we are already looking forward to 2017 ;)

i won’t comment on the single pictures but just leave you with these rather impressionistic views.


    1. hi there!
      i now who did it because i saw it again in an exhibition in tübingen. it’s by an artist named Patricia Piccinini and the sculpture is called ‘Newborn’ from 2010!

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