online shoes

online shoes

it is quite common to find shoes online in berlin. i really don’t know how (ok, i can imagine) and why they end up in the air but obviously some people do. if you happen to know these people i’d be happy to be enlightened. e.g. i always wonder whether the former owner of the shoes had to walk away on his/her bare feet or whether these are spare pairs of shoes.

this picture was processed with a little help of dxo labs’ polaroid 669 emulation.


  1. for as far as I know it’s a “game” skaters play with each others shoes. mainly old pairs… If you look for lines next to a skate park you’ll probably find more of them :D

    nice photo, I like the shot and processing…

    1. oh cool. thanks for the information. this particular line is a bit far away from a skate park though, but probably not too far (if you’re on a skateboard ;))
      and thanks for the compliment!

  2. Someone once told me shoes hanging indicated a house where you could buy drugs. But I’m fairly sure this is an urban myth… I think it’s like Planking (before the internet consumed people’s need for the pointless “Why? Because I can.”)

    1. i guess in this particular case you definitely could buy drugs in this house but i agree that this might not be generalizable ;)
      thank you for sharing!

  3. We have the same here (australia). That it denotes a house where you can buy drugs. But I suspect, in many Instances it is more “street art” installation! There are somein Melbourne with 20 or 30 pairs hanging in a group!

    1. Interesting… i guess i’ll have to check that then… but i think you are right that most of the time it is more of an installation. thank you!

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