to walk a tightrope


for walking a tightrope you need one in the first place… here they are manufactured – at least for a german walk on the tightrope which is commonly referred to as a drahtseilakt (lit.: wire-rope act). i wish this would have been a bit more self-explanatory, but that’s the thing with languages…

this small company is located in süchteln a small town quite close to the small town quite close to the dutch border where i grew up and i remember that building always triggered my attention when we drove by. yesterday i finally shot it.


  1. The Germans are the tightrope-walking elite, aren’t they? Who is that German family? Ah, to be old and senile! :-)
    Ah, The Flying Wallendas! That’s it. Interesting to know where tightropes are manufactured. Thanks. It’s a classic photo, by the way.

    1. i had heard of The Flying Wallendas but completely forgotten them (otherwise i probably would have mentioned them in the post ;)) thanks for reminding me.

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