this mildly dystopian vision of berlin’s future was shot on a recent stroll through friedrichshain again. this is one of the first pictures taken with the panasonic wide angle conversion lens gwc-1 attached to the lumix 14mm pancake. when i got the 14mm on ebay as a de-kitted lens i had the converter in mind already. the converter seems to be quite scarce, though. i was lucky and got a used one from amazon warehouse deals very quickly (as opposed to four to five weeks delivery time for a new one)  and i’m very happy with it.

as you might know my first serious attempts at photography happened to happen with the great panasonic lx-3 and that had a 24mm equivalent lens. i really did miss the wide angle at first with my e-pl1 but then i got over it. at least i thought i did. now with the gwc-1 the good old wide feeling is back and i’m very happy with the converter.

soon i will post a few more images and a short assessment of the gwc-1.


  1. Thank you for the comment advice. It was a mistake by the automated anti-spam controls from wordpress.
    I sent an email to see what’s happened and that’s the response I’ve got from tge wordpress staff…

    Thank you so much for let me know about the offline blog.

    Kind Regards.

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