roof chives

roof chives (in front of a firewall)

i do invite all botanically inclined readers to correct me if i’m wrong with my chives diagnosis. first i thought it was clover because the flowers look so similar but then there should also be leaves somewhere, shouldn’t there? another possibility would be sea thrift. but i had the impression that the flowers do not really match.

you can check this yourself of course at about 4 meters above the ground right in front of the lidl, boxhagener strasse.

shot with the m.zuiko 45mm, deliberately at f2, with my nd3 filter.


  1. god, this is a gorgeous picture….your camera must be quite exceptional. alas, mine is not but I love the focus on the flowers and the structure in the background.

    1. hi there,
      thanks for visiting! you are right about the camera. it really is exceptional but that does not necessarily mean that it is (very) expensive. it’s a great little camera (olympus e-pl1) and i can really recommend getting one. but as they say: it’s not the camera but the photographer and one can clearly see the truth of this in your pictures, too. better equipment does mean greater chance of using photo opportunities, though. i’m coming from a superzoom camera myself… good luck with your blog!

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