street art (it’s the only art i know)

…that’s not true and quite frankly of all the arts i do not know, street art is probably very far ahead of most other arts.
but since street art in it’s many technical realisiations is one of the most “obvious” things to be “documented” in berlin i’ll give it a try. i’ve gone for 2d art here and excluded the more dimensional works. but actually i think they are all at least 3d since time is quite relevant dimension for street art.

the following pictures have all been taken in an area that is literally at most ten minutes walk around my home. these include some very well known like the murals in kreuzberg (the one with the wrist watch, the hooded men and the man that lives on men). there are also some middle sized works like the man with the bag over his head and the photographer and some small and very small ones like the echo of the big yellow man, the little girl that i found hidden on the inside of a sand box on a playground and the joke sticker.

on a technical note: i’ve noticed that the pictures in the article look quite blurry. this is not the case when the picture gets opened in a new window. i have never noticed that phenomenon in my older posts but i have seen this on another blog a few weeks ago. strange. i’ll investigate ;)

One comment

  1. These are all amazing – if they were painted on canvas they would be fine modern art. Calling them street art debases the skills of the incredible artists – (in my humble opinion). With thanks for posting these great pics – Marie, London, England

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