three yellows and two pinks

three yellows, two pinks

i got there by chance. i was here just because the main road was blocked. probably the last not reconstructed house in (this area of) mitte. i liked the large areas of yellow and magenta. i took a few shots and then thought that it would have been nice if something else would give a little tension to the image. i imagined a person dressed in yellow or pink but the streets were deserted.

when i finally had put the camera back into the bag this woman turned around the corner. i only had one chance,  i think she did not even notice me. i was so excited to have this shot i completely forgot to ask her if she’s alright with me taking a photo of her. that’s why  i chose to make  her (via pp)  a little bit faster than she really was  and so render her virtually unrecognizable.

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