on my way to work i often cross the beusselbrücke at s-bahn station beusselstrasse. one has a nice view from the bridge.  this view gets even nicer when one has a telephoto lens at hand and haze is rising in the morning.

view from beusselbrücke (in eastern direction)

after this one i tried to concentrate on the lamp posts nearby and voilá

lamp posts from beusselbrücke

even the view from the s-bahn platform itself is not too bad

view from platform s-bahn beusselstrasse

all pictures were taken with the e-pl1 and the 4/3 zuiko 40-150mm.  except the following that i took quite a while ago with my lx3

square^3 at s beusselstrasse


    1. bedankt harrie! the first one is my favourite, too. i also liked the last one a lot but i just noticed that the picture isn’t displayed correctly. i’ll see what i can do about this ;)

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