more fun with the toy lens

i took some shots today and yesterday with the slr magic toy lens (26mm, f1.4) and i want to show them here. the baseline is, that if you like vignetting, swirly bokeh and a sweet spot that’s off center you should definitely consider the toy lens (or probably any other cctv lens with that specification).

i think it might be useful for portraits but then on the other hand you might consider a classic om 28mm or 35mm lens instead. surely you would loose on vignetting and swirlyness with these, though.

i’d say the toy lens is not really usable wide open at least outside because of a lot of flare, super low contrast and heavy chromatic aberrations, BUT that all goes away or at least looses impact if you stop down a little. btw. there are no real stops on the lens to stop down but you can smoothly set the aperture to any value you like between wide open and indeed fully closed. you can’t be sure of the exact aperture value but i think i kept it almost always under f2.8.

regarding the low contrast i’ve done some contrast enhancement on some of the pictures with picasa’s auto-contrast feature. i really like the combination of the e-pl1’s grainy film mode with this lens as you might have noticed already.

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